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Born and raised in Renmark, South Australia,  Elaine Stoeckel was a primary school teacher and later studied Naturopathy and Hypnotherapy in Perth and Melbourne. Some on campus and the rest by distance education.

Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Diploma Naturopathy
  • Diploma Clinical Ecology
  • Diploma Clinical Hypnosis
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Psychotherapy
  • Affiliate of Goulding Institute for:-
    • Psycho-nutrition
    • Goulding SleepTalk Process for Children
  • Facilitator of Energy Transformation
  • Myorthotics and Bowen  body treatments
  • Member Complementary Medicine Association Western Australian Executive Representative of CMA and Federal Treasurer of the CMA for 6 years.
  • Co-Founding member of the Western Australian Register of Natural Therapists
  • Post graduate trainer of Naturopaths in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Conducted an Australian health lecture tour for Dr Eva Snead. USA author and researcher on the dangers of vaccinations.
  • A weekly radio segment on Gold Coast Radio, informing important health issues to the community.
  • Justice of the Peace
  • A Speaker and Educator
  • Elaine has a clinic at the Gold Coast and also consults by phone and skype

A wheat and stud merino sheep farming background for over 30 years, has given Elaine a great insight into chemicals and their use and mis-use, and the lack of nutrition facing our society at large.

Elaine, as a speaker and educator, has a specific interest in the potential damage of known toxic ingredients used everyday in our work environment, our food and in our home.  She encourages the community to take charge of their own health and to safeguard the health of our future generations.

Her mission is:-

  • To assist people to regain their health and then to bring about an awareness
  • To maintain it
  • Focus on prevention of disease and
  • Creating an unpolluted environment.

‘There is so much we can do to help ourselves and prevent stress and disease.  What if our purpose was to be healthy and have more fun in our lives – does that appeal to anyone?’


My partner, Ian, was born and raised in country NSW.  He had been involved in the electrical industry for 33 years.

Ian’s health had deteriorated due to long term exposure to various chemicals in the workplace throughout this time.

He later discovered the benefits of nutritional supplements.  After following a nutritional regime he found an improvement in his health which changed dramatically and continued to improve after leaving the industry and toxic environment.

Ian has a natural ability to facilitate change in people’s lives.

He is a hands-on-healer and also uses his psychic awareness to assist many clients

We both have a passion for travel and being able to share healing and health awareness globally.

Health speaker/educator

Elaine is available to speak on many health topics. She has expertise in women’s health, skin conditions and speaks on – menopause, hormones, psycho-nutrition, chemicals and lifestyle. Ian and Elaine’s mission is to educate and assist people, to become aware of their true essence and learn all they can about their functioning.

We both have a passion for travel and being able to heal, inspire and empower others locally and globally.

Prevention is better than cure


07 5573 2204 or
0411 744 979

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Practice Details

Carnarvon Court Oxenford Qld 4210

Opening hours Monday  to Thursday
9am to 5pm

Out of hours appointments available on application. Skype consultations also available.